You are interested in the sites of the Tor dark network. Go online and look for links to onion sites . why do you need this. There are many directories in the Tor network. This directory of Tor links is one of the best. All sites are working, divided into categories with screenshots of the corresponding sites. To get into the Tor network, you need to download tor browser. How to download a Tor browser and probably today there are practically no such people who do not know about the darknet and, first of all, the darknet represents getting access to content whose distribution is prohibited by the legislation of your country. How and where to download the Tor, how to configure it and then so on. This is a free multi-level routing software, you can say a system of proxy servers that allow you to establish an anonymous network connection when visiting, for example, technology sites, and also provides protection from the mechanisms of analyzing your traffic. Tor began to be developed in the nineties, the main development was the research of the Federal Agency for Advanced Defense Research Research Projects of the US Department of Defense. In Tor, you can find, for example, rare books, music and little-known films, and various prohibited goods and services. In general, the Tor is a browser created to ensure anonymity on the Internet. The product's client software redirects Internet traffic through a worldwide network of voluntarily installed servers in order to conceal the user's location. How to install Tor browser, go to the official website and here's another warning to you from other sites, never download this browser, which loader of this browser may have a virus in it. The Tor browser can be downloaded not only on a PC, but also on Android, just go to this official website and download the Android version, but keep in mind that using this browser will not make you super anonymous, because all the additional traffic, application traffic transmitted in it windows of this browser is not encrypted.